Mindmill has a broad customer base in over 17 countries spanning across all the continents in the world. Our clientele includes international organizations, multinational behemoths, large public private sector enterprises, on- government organizations etc. A representative list of our clients are as follows Some of the countries where our clients are baesd out of are USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, France, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Ireland, Sudan, Nepal and India.

  • United Nations ( UN )
  • Federal Express, USA
  • New York Police Department ( NYPD ), USA
  • Reserve Fund of America, USA
  • Nippon System Ware, Japan
  • Patech Ltd, UK Database management services
  • IBM
  • Buffalo Commercial Bank, Sudan
  • McKinsey Knowledge Centre
  • Indian Railways
  • Government of India
  • Bank of Punjab (now HDFC Bank),
  • Nagaur Urban Coop Bank.
  • Karnali Development Bank Nepal
  • Sales Tax Department, Delhi
  • National Co operative Development Corporation
  • Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi
  • National Scheduled Tribes Finance & Development Corp.
  • HARTRON, Chandigarh
  • Defense Electronics Application Lab.
  • U P Electronics Corporation Limited, Lucknow
  • India Infrastructure Finance Corporation Limited
  • Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi
  • Jharcraft


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