Our BPO division offers the following services:

  • High Skill process outsourcing such as Invoice Reconciliation (both Receivable and Payable)  where our agents match the purchase order with the invoice, goods/services receipt records and bank records. If any payment is pending the same is tracked for IR.
  • Top level technical support services at different levels. The first level accepts the support call from various channels such as Phone, Email, Skype and Chats. Second level analyses the issues, categorizes and priorities them. There are 3 groups for fixing these issues. These are:
    • Training Issues - Trainers train the users for correcting mistakes
    • Live Data User Mistake Correction - Trained personnel fix the data mistakes made by users from backend
    • Application Issues - Software Engineers who fix the actual application and report bugs
  • Identity Card generation such as Election Cards in India and Citizenship cards in Kosovo
  • Data entry from images, paper, sound files and other digital files on our premises in New Delhi, India.We have such clients as the United Nations, Numerous Banks, Body Shop, and Election Commission of India. We were responsible for doing the registration for the entire population of Kosovo. 

We have enough capacity currently available to do several million forms (average size) a year and can add capacity quickly if need be. We invite you to visit our premises in NCR or if you want, I can arrange a live video streaming where we will place cameras at different positions at the facility, so you can view them over the internet. These can be moved for your convenience as we speak on the phone. We are offering a promotion in which we will give a free round trip economy class ticket to potential clients to visit our premises.

For data entry jobs, we have mature processes which ensure that you data is accurate and delivered on time. If you would like to see our processes, please let me know and I will arrange a net meeting to show you our processes including: First entry, Second Entry, Comparison & Verification, 2 operator mistake captures, Spell Suggestor and Audit. I am sure you will be impressed with our thoroughness.

Our techno sales staff  will be happy to visit you and learn the broad aspects of the job and then assign a project manager at MIndmill, Delhi to work with your project manager to learn the nitty-gritty of the job. If you so prefer, our sales staff can also work with you on the phone to achieve the same objectives. Our project manager will then be a single point of knowledge dissemination within the organization. My request to you would be to have at least a week long dry test run before going live.

Our key differentiators are:

    • We are very responsive and will always respond to your queries/concerns/general information requirements within 24 hours or less.
    • We guarantee extremely high accuracy, turnaround and completeness.
    • Most of all, we will care for your success because if you are successful, we will be successful.
    • We will work as a department of your own organization and this department will be an extension of your company here in India.

Past projects

  • Mindmill was among the first companies in India which brought the FedEx Receivables BPO to India. It had over 1000 employees doing Receivables Entry from Images 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Work included keying the customer number, Airway bill number and some other data. If the customer number could not be found in the database provided, the agent would then search for the right customer number in the same database based on other information available on the airway bills such as company name and Post Code. If not such information was found, a new customer was created.
  • Mindmill did the entire data aggregation for Kosovo citizens (over 2 million) for United Nations. The work involved Verify data OCR’ed on Image, Manual Data Entry of Data that could not be OCR’ed.
  • Mindmill was also involved in creating Election Cards for over 5 Million Indian Citizens. The work involved, sending out Election Card Creation Letters to the electorate, checking the database for the existence of the person, taking his photograph, printing and issuing the card to the actual person. Several stages of matching were involved and the task required extensive reconciliation and reporting.

Case Study

Challenges: During the Kosovo War nearly 640,000 Albanians fled or were expelled from Kosovo and their identities were lost or destroyed. Post the war, United Nations had been entrusted with the challenging task of creating a national registry. UN had to find a potential data entry provider who could provide the data in Kosovo language for about 2 million pages in less than a month time. Citizen’s data had to be matched and a comprehensive database had to be created so that it could be later used for different purposes like the creation of identity cards, birth and death databases, passport etc.

Solution: Citizen Forms were first scanned in Kosovo, the encrypted images were sent to Mindmill through FTP. Mindmill decrypted the images, and worked on the information to send it back. Mindmill staff double keyed each form, and then each character was electronically compared to fix the problems that were identified. After the completion of these tasks a database validation check was done, followed by formatting the data in the required output and finally encrypting it.

Benefits: The fledging government in Kosovo was able to get a comprehensive database consisting of double checked citizen data. United Nations mandated to create the database and conduct a free and fail elections obtained the database in time to successfully complete the arduous task.Managing post war conflicts is an arduous task given the Common Citizens would have moved national boundaries, identification and entrusting them with their rights becomes challenging as some records may be lost or when new nationalities get created.In June 1999, following a 78 day-long NATO campaign, the United Nations was tasked to govern Kosovo through its Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), with an unprecedented sweeping mandate to provide Kosovo with a “transitional administration while establishing and overseeing the development of provisional democratic selfgoverning institutions to ensure conditions for a peaceful and normal life for all inhabitants in Kosovo. UN had estimated that nearly 640,000 Albanians fled or were expelled from Kosovo. The identities of the refugees were destroyed or lost.UN wanted to create identity papers that could be used for Passport, etc and wanted the data to be exhaustive and error free. The major problem was first elections were expected in September 2000 and UN had less than 60 days to complete all the details. Amongst the service providers who bided for the project Mindmill Software was selected because of its technology competencies and invoice matching capabilities. Mindmill project staff understood that a proper process needs to be followed to compete about 2 million forms each with 400 characters which rounded up to 1.6 G data. Mindmill staff calculated that they had to key 26 million characters each day. Another challenge was, Kosovo uses primary English characters but there are some Greek alphabets used in the language like alpha, beta etc. The workforce had to be trained of special alphabets and how to cross check. To get through this problem Mindmill trained its operators to enter those special character sequences for the Greek alphabets and converted them to their ASCII equivalent before storing them in the output database. To ensure best timelines were met Mindmill setup of 3 shift operation with 200 operators each. All the staffs were trained in language and detection methods.Before kickoff, dry runs were made in all shifts and the first week’s internal error rate was 17%. Mindmill project managers regrouped the staff aligning rights skills with the right team members and the error rates fell to less than 5%. All staff was trained offline and logged into the process within a week. UN staff at Kosovo sent the images of forms in an encrypted form. These were decrypted at Mindmill, Mindmill staff double keyed each form, and then each character was electronically compared to fix any problems.

After the completion of these tasks a database validation check was done, followed by formatting the data in the required output and finally encrypting it and transmitting it back. The last batch of the data left Mindmill on 18th August and was readily available for use on the election in September. Kosovo’s elections represented an important opportunity to strengthen democratic institutions, advance the empowerment of minority communities through decentralization, and continue Kosovo’s transition to a democratic political system. Kosovo held its elections in September to start the transfer of power from the United Nations to the provisional institutions of self-government. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan welcomed the event as a "milestone on the road to democracy." Mindmill Software is happy to have contributed its mite for this historic development.


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