Mindmill provides Support and Help Desk Services. There are several aspects of Support and Help Desk Services. These include:

  • Support and Help Desk Management Software
  • Support / Help Desk Process Management. This includes:
    • Hiring
    • Support Timings
    • Support Group Attendance and Stand-in Process
    • Support Organization Hierarchy
    • Onsite Support Specialists
    • Support Request Initiation
    • Support Solution
    • Support Solution Completion Intimation

The details of these are specified in the following sections.

Support Software

Our world class support software allows the end user to enter the issue directly from his console / software. The user can enter details such as description, priority, attach multiple files as attachments and several other fields to his issue.

The support software is accessed at the central support site by Issue Analysts, Actual Support Personnel, Developers and Testers who work on the issue and update the status of the issue on the system directly.

The issue creator can view the status directly on the system as soon as it has been entered by the central support group.

The architecture of the Support Software is given below:


Support Process Explanation


Our highly experienced hiring team ensures that we hire just the right people to take care of your needs. The hiring is based on the following criteria:

  • Your domain fit
  • Experience required
  • Cultural fit
  • Location requirements

Support Timings

Mindmill provides 24 x 7 x 365 support to all its Product Clients who have purchased Support and AMC. 

Support Group Attendance and Stand-In Process

Some clients want an X number of support staff to be present each day. If some staff member is absent they want a stand-in for the person. We take attendance and manage the leave process for people on the job. This ensures that the seat is always occupied.

Workers are rotated in various job positions to ensure that all workers are trained in various jobs,

Support Organization Hierarchy

Mindmill has a detailed Organization Hierarchy for support. This is explained below:


  • Vice President: This is the senior most person in the support division of Mindmill. If the support manager is unable to satisfy the customer, the customer can escalate his calls at this level.
  • Support Manager: The support manager reports to the Vice President of Support. If the Support Supervisor is unable to satisfy the client, then the customer can escalate his call to this level.
  • Support Supervisor: The support supervisor reports to the Support Manager. He is responsible for coordinating the actual support activities from Call Logging to Issue Assignment to Issue Testing and Issue Delivery. The customer can escalate his calls to this level if the call center executive is unable to help the client.
  • Support Executives / Specialists
    • Call Center Executives: This is the customer’s primary and main point of contact. The Call Center Executive logs the issue in the Support System and will stay in touch with the client for the entire duration till the issue is resolved. He will be able to tell the client a rough estimate of when the issue will be solved after the issue has been analyzed by the Support Supervisor. The call center executive will also inform the client when the issue has been successfully resolved.
    • Support Specialists: This is the group that actually works on the issues and solves them.
    • Bulk Data Repair Specialists: There may be a situation when large amounts of data need to be repaired. This typically happens if the client has put a wrong parameter which has impacted several transactions and all those transactions need to be repaired. This team works on such issues.
    • Training Specialists: Sometimes the client has made an error due to lack of software knowledge. The training specialists train the clients to ensure that the client does not repeat the same error in the future.
    • Parameter Specialists: With time, clients require parameters to be changed due to new Government regulations or other market forces such as interest rate changes. This team helps the client change the parameters.
    • Software Modification Division: In the rare event that there is a bug in the software, this team will repair the bug and issue a fresh patch for the software.
    • System / OS/ Client Machine and Mirroring Setup Specialists: This team helps the client set up their servers, load OS, configure the database and mirroring activities.



Onsite Support Specialists

This team is used primarily immediately post the migration phase for the following activities:

  • Help Desk and Support for any type of Domain
  • Migration Data Verification with the client
  • Parameters Verification with the client
  • Initial client employee training
  • Initial on the job hand holding

This service is made available only till the client goes live with the software. 

Support Request Initiation

The customer initiates the support call by one of the following modes:

  • Email
  • Skype
  • Telephone Call

Support Solution

As soon as an issue is received by the support team, the supervisor categorizes the issue and based on the issue assigns it to the various groups under him. At this point the approximate time required to complete the issue is identified. Because of the varied nature of issues, the time required to complete the issue will change from one issue to another. 

Support Solution Completion Intimation

After the issue is completed the client is intimated that the issue is complete and installed on their system by an email.

Escalation Matrix

Mindmill’s support has several levels of escalation. These are given in the table below:

For Data / Training / Wrong Entry Repair Issues


Time Interval

Next Level to Escalate

Support Specialist

Time Predicted by Sales Staff (Typically between 30 min to 4 hours) 

Support Supervisor

Support Supervisor

Time Predicted by Sales Supervisor

Support Manager

Support Manager

Time Predicted by Sales Manager

Vice President Production

For Application Bugs and New Requirements


Time Interval

Next Level to Escalate

Development Analyst

Time Predicted by Development Analyst (Typically between 1 day to 15 days)

Development Manager

Development Manager

Time Predicted by Development Manager

Vice President Production

Next Steps

The next few steps are:

  1. Call Mindmill to do a demo of its State-of-the-Art Support & Help Desk Process.
  2. After the purchase formalities are done, Mindmill will get in touch to identify your parameters and your current databases for migration
  3. Mindmill will help you setup your hardware and configure IIIrd party software including the DB
  4. Mindmill will train your employees to use the software in an effective manner
  5. Mindmill will work with your senior staff to ensure parameters are checked and that the migrated data has been checked 
  6. After going live, Mindmill will do on the job training to ensure people are well trained
  7. Shortly after our off site support will kick in to ensure that your work is going on smoothly forever
  8. Your organization will at this stage become live and happy using Mindmill products.

Make your organization start saving large amounts of money  and get  real customer and employee  delight today besides feeling the bliss of working in a well organized structured single software and single server environment.

About Mindmill

Mindmill Software Limited, Noida, India is a leading player in the field of banking, field staff software and eCommerce  software, solutions and technology.

Mindmill was established in 1993. It has over 300 full time employees and clients in 19 different countries. It provides software solutions and support to clients all across the world directly or via its local authorized partners. It has products in the BFSI domain and BankMiIlTM, TrackSquad and GYBO as its flagship products. It is an ISO 9001:2008 company and was SEI CMMi Level 5 Certified in 2010.

It was selected as one of the 4 vendors to supply CBS solutions in a cloud format to over 1700 Urban Cooperative Banks by Nafcub.

Its solutions in the banking domain include such solutions as CBS and Payment Switch with gateway to RTGS, NEFT, SWIFT, ECS, ATM, Pull/Push SMS and provide these services using corresponding channels such as Branch Banking, Host to Host, ATM, Cell Phones,  Internet Banking, IVR, Hand Held Devices and integration with CBS, ERP(Core Accounting/HR & Payroll/Inventory management etc.) using a myriad of parameters, displays, dashboards, with secure access using roles and rights. All of this is available in the form of a CLOUD offering through a network of our servers as well as a customer server deployed solution. Backend services such as call centers, card management and issuance services are provided to compliment the solutions mentioned above.


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