Product Description & Key Module

Mindmill Library and document management system is an advanced and elegant library management solution that not only meets the comprehensive requirements of a library, but also suitable for special, medical, legal libraries. Colleges, Schools, Charities, Universities and other resource centres can use the solution to automate and manage their library assets.

Mindmill library. solution allows libraries to manage catalogue circulation, track circulation history for the resource and the user , document management solution can handle both print and non-print material .This software also comes with user level security and barcode scanning capabilities.

Business Benefits

Mindmill Library and document management system offers several business benefits including:

Convenient issuance by scanning the barcode and user card

Standardized reports on book issue status, book vendor, physical status, etc

Display user info including photograph at the time of issue

Help user and staff to locate the book at ease

User can search books by author, subject, topics, etc

Reserve a book in advance, track new arrivals etc

Simple, fast and easy to use, Staff do not require high training

OPAC search useful in advance search

Teacher/users can suggest books

Why Mindmill Library & Document Management Solution

Colleges and educational institutions by adopting this solution have benefitted from:

Cost savings in terms of reduced library staff, control of pilferage or asset losses

Easy to manage library assets

Better students, teacher library experience

Proven product used by more than 50 organizations in India and across the world

Robust computing environment, can work in Windows, Linux or Java environment with any standard RDBMS like Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, Post gre SQL, etc.


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