Mindmill specializes in Invoice Matching Back Office Operations. Our clients have benefited from reduced cost, higher productivity & higher accuracy due to stringent process driven operations and QA processes. We offer solutions to ensure that your data is protected as per the EU directives.

Mindmill Invoice Matching BPO services includes:

  • Matching Invoices with approved purchase orders
  • Purchase Orders and Receipt Challans
  • Report exceptions and manage supplier reconciliation

We are a full circle BPO organizations managing and delivering end-to-end services and invoice matching.

Business Benefits

Why Outsource to Mindmill

  • We provide the right talent at the right time
  • we offer you capability advantage, ramp up and down each month based on your requirement.
  • Concentrate on your core business and allow us to manage your non-core accounting related work.
  • Offer best employee experience as they do not have to worry replacements during sudden ill health or vacations. If an agent takes off for the annual vacation, somebody else will be put on your project. There is no interruption in your work.
  • Mindmill has over the past 13 years successfully perfected the art of working from India remotely on your projects.

Direct Benefits from Outsourcing to Mindmill

  • Efficient vendor payment management and improved internal customer satisfaction
  • Significant savings in both direct and indirect costs such as manpower, insurance, social security, taxes, and infrastructure
  • Reduce HR burden such as employee management, attendance, backups and many other associated irritants
  • Improved departmental productivity because of higher accuracy


Mindmill has been employed by a variety of clients to perform highly skilled and accurate work requiring analytics, diligence, and quality. Mindmill specializes in reconciliation processes. We have a large number of agents involved in reconciliation activities of several banks/financial organizations. The work involved is typically about:

  • Bank Reconciliation with Company Accounts
  • Account Summation and GL balance mismatches
  • Rationalization of multiple accounts of single user
  • Identify and reconcile Missing/additional/misspelled entries
  • Identify and reconcile entries/vouchers made with non-existent accounts (wrong account numbers).

Clients have also engaged us other activities including:

  • Surveys
  • Claims
  • Cheque Entry
  • Application Forms/Registration Forms
  • Name and Address Entry
  • Airway bills

MindMill BPO services have been availed primarily by following departments:

  • Marketing
  • Accounts and Invoicing (airway bill entry, airlines hand written paper ticket entry, Invoice Matching, Payment Collection)

Mindmill BPO services have successfully engaged with various industrial verticals including:

  • Banks (for credit card applications, Reconciliation),
  • Courier companies (airway bill entry),
  • Automobiles companies (Surveys)
  • Confectionery companies (Surveys),
  • Newspapers (Surveys),
  • Hospitals (Patient registration),
  • Airlines (Hand written paper ticket entry),
  • Hotels (guest registration details),
  • Insurance (Claims processing)
  • Shipping and logistics companies

Data Safety

Mindmill has adopted elaborate practices as per EU data protection directives which ensure highest safety for the clients.


Mindmill software places highest importance to security. We have put effective security measures in both physical and IT infrastructure.On the Physical infrastructure side,

  • we have put in place access control to Floor, Employee Seating Area, Server Room
  • we have a Frisking policy (if client explicitly requests for it)
  • we do not allow bags/lunch boxes in the premises
  • Our Fire Safety Equipment are Certified by the Competent Authority (As required by Law)

On the IT front,

  • We have no floppy disks or disk drives for all our employees
  • All our machines have anti-virus and spam control installed
  • All processes are roles and rights based.
  • All logins are password controlled and changed according to Client request
  • Internet machines also have the Firewall attached to main servers which control all the un-authorized access to any of the machine connected to internet.

Business Continuity

To ensure business continuity for all our BPO services, Mindmill Software has adopted following strategies.

  • To minimize Server & Equipment Crashes impact all vital equipments installed at different locations are provided with efficient backups and spares.
  • To ensure work is not stalled because of Electrical outage, the building is provided with strong battery power backup in and over 1000 KVA generators
  • To ensure no labor related problems, our employee centric human resource policies are continuously evolving to make Mindmill Software the best place to work.
  • In case of any emergencies, the entire work can be shifted to another location immediately.
  • To ensure complete data backup, all data (final and intermediate) is stored on CDs on a daily basis and archived in an off-site location.
  • In order to efficiently address the resource shortage in case of short notice voluntary separation or termination, Mindmill keeps extra people on a rotation basis.

Quality Control & Improvement

Mindmill is a complete ISO 9001:2000 certified organization which enables us to meet uncompromising quality standards. As a progressive CMM certified organization, Mindmill has made substantial investments in:

  • Continuous and Professional training of staff
  • Putting the right edits/checks in our current software
  • Adherence to Multiple stage quality process

Currently, we have adopted several edits and checks to ensure higher accuracy. These include:

  • UK Postcode address validation
  • All data type checks such as Numeric, Alpha Numeric, and Date
  • Algorithmic checks such as credit card number check digit check
  • All database validation checks such as person name and many others

Multistage Quality Process

To minimize and eliminate human error (keying error) or interpretation or just plain incorrect data on the document (e.g. wrong Post Code for a given city), we have devised workflows that ensure several check-gates identify and screen out any outliers.


At Mindmill quality is a passion not just an end goal. Towards this, we have adopted process quality improvement initiatives that include:

  • Processes Workflow Review
  • Script Modification
  • Reporting
  • HR Policies Review
  • Hiring
  • Retention
  • Training
  • Environment

On the individual agent or team member front, we follow improvement programs targeted at:

  • Voice Quality
  • Adherence to Script
  • Subject Understanding
  • Adherence to Process Workflow
  • Output Quantity
  • Output Quality
  • Improvement by Continuous Feedback
  • Constant Retraining via Memos & Verbal Instruction
  • Supervisors Available Constantly for asking Questions
  • Identify Consistent Poor workers


The training adopted at Mindmill Software for Team Member consists of Accent Neutralization, Domain Training, Process Training, Feedback and Retraining.

Accent Neutralization (Voice Training)

Mindmill in alliances with certified consultants provides initial and ongoing accent neutralization training. In an average each agent is expected to spend about 80 hours of training to ensure neutralized accent. In this process we focus on the following nuances:

  • Fluency (ensure agents think in the language and do not translate)
  • Intonation/Modulation
  • Stress Patterns
  • Putting Gaps and Emotions
  • Waiting for the other party to complete their sentence/queries.
  • Be able to hear and understand clearly what the other party is saying.

Post this training, the external consultant measures on calls to give feedback on an ongoing basis.

Domain Training

Agents are trained to understand the nuances of the domain, the value chain to understand the “Why an activity is being done" This would not only help them understand and perform their job better, but also offer valuable feedback and improvements of the systems.

Process Training

Proper training of the agents is a must to ensure that the agents understand the job properly and there is no misunderstanding on their part. The training consists of the following stages:

  • Verbal training using white board: This is a class room setting where the trainer gets all the agents to understand the job in terms of fields and how to enter them in a class room setting. Agents are encouraged to ask questions and the whole class learns the job details here.
  • Work is done by supervisor with agents looking over how work is being done: After the class room training, the supervisors do the work again with groups of agents standing behind them to see how the job has to be done. Special job tricks are pointed out during this phase.
  • 100 question objective test: A 100 question computerized objective test is created which must be taken and passed with 100% result before the agent can start working on the job. The test consists of image snippets of the input document and the software screen shots showing the field and then a question with a choice of 4 answers. The agent must take the test again and again till he passes it with 100% right answers.
  • Dry run with 1 supervisor behind a group of 8 agents: Here a group of agents start working on dummy images/documents with a supervisor standing behind them. Agents can ask questions as they work and supervisor’s can point out mistakes as the agents key the job.
  • Live run with 100% audit: For the first few batches, 100% of the work is audited to ensure that the agent has no misunderstanding about the job.
  • Normal live run


All agents provide individual group feedbacks to help improve the process or to hear their problems in a collective environment.


On a regular basis, agents are retrained on existing work or any modifications in processes, or job activities

Responsibility Matrix

In a typical invoice matching outsourcing, Mindmill software assumes responsibilities for:

  • Project Management
  • HR
  • QA & QI
  • Equipment, Software (Non Read soft), Internet Leased Line
  • Enforce SLAs
  • Agent Training

From the Client side, the responsibilities include:

  • Give all inputs for the project
  • Approve the process workflows
  • Review the training documents
  • Train the trainer
  • Give a heads up to Mindmill about any variances in the volumes in as much advance as possible
  • Outbound call charges
  • Connecting the system to the UK PSTN system
  • Working with Mindmill to identify appropriates SLAs
  • Enterprise (culture, people, process) specific training
  • Joint overview with Mindmill of the processes workflows, mock calls, and dry run
  • Make Timely Payments


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