Thinking Software Development? Think India


India is a global favourite when it comes to the development of software. Companies across the globe prefer to outsource their software to India despite the fact that there are various other nations that also offer software solutions. There are four major reasons for this. Firstly, the sheer population of professionals in the nation is reason enough to send in software development requirements to India. Secondly, outsourcing is much more economical and cost-effective than having an in-house team of software experts. Thirdly, the “shift” culture across software development firms in India and lastly, language proficiency allowing for effective communication across international borders. 


Reason 1: The sheer number of software engineers


The number of software development companies in India has been on a steady rise and these companies have created a massive demand for software engineers across the nation. India has over 2.75 million software developers and a 90% increase in this statistic is expected, i.e., India is expected to see over 5 million software developers in the near future. The sheer number of software developers alone is reason enough to outsource one’s software requirements to India’s enormous pool of talent. 


Reason 2: Outsourcing is an economical choice


The alternative to outsourcing is to invest in a team of software experts within one’s firm. This requires expenses on various fronts including infrastructure, cost of resources, recruitment costs, etc. Compared to these expenses, outsourcing involves one time payments that are definitive and not dynamic, allowing the firm to save up on the other expenses mentioned above.


Reason 3: In India, we work all hours


Software development firms in India follow a “shift” culture, i.e., employees work in shifts depending on the time zone of the clients. This ensures that the developers work simultaneously with the clients despite being halfway across the globe from them. This is possible only because of India’s position in the time zone map of the world. 


Reason 4: English is definitely not India’s crutch


English can well be considered the global tongue. The schooling system in India is such that students across the nation are imparted with knowledge of the English language and evaluated in the same, allowing them to be able to handle the language well as they graduate. Moreover, software development companies in India specifically recruit developers who are proficient in the language to cater to a global crowd. 

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